S Files Pro X

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the common questions.

  • Can I set S Files Pro X as a default file manager for Windows?

    There is an experimental settings to set S Files Pro X as a default file manager to open folders, drives, and Win+E shortcut.

  • By default, the config.json file should be located in the folder location similar to the one shown below. Replace <UserName> with the actual user name. C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Packages\43158JPTGamesandApps.ShresthaFiles-AModernDualPane_pnxmbr0ydfejr\LocalState. Alternately, users can click the Open Application Folder icon on the top right side of the Log Viewer to load the folder. Enable log viewer from the settings, if it is not already enabled.

  • Log file (log.txt) is stored in C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Packages\43158JPTGamesandApps.ShresthaFiles-AModernDualPane_pnxmbr0ydfejr\TempStatecode>. Alternately, click on the Log Viewer -> Open Full Log to open log file in a text viewer (such as the Notepad).

  • The tabs, bookmarks, and other settings are stored in config.json file. Sometimes newer version of config file is not compatible with older version of config. When newer versions are installed, the app attempts to update the config file. Sometimes this process may fail, and the config file may be reset. In such cases, users can try to recover the tabs, bookmarks, and other settings from backed up config file(s). The LocalState folder may have other versions of config file, such as config.failed.json that may be saved when the app failed to read the previous config.json. Similary, config.prior.json should have the config.json file from the last version of the app. config.successful.json stores the last config file that was read successfully. More back ups are stored in the temporary location C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Packages\43158JPTGamesandApps.ShresthaFiles-AModernDualPane_pnxmbr0ydfejr\LocalCache\ConfigBackups folder. The contents in this temporary location may be deleted automatically over time by Windows.

  • Microsoft have released many versions of Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating system, and Windows operating system can run on a wide range of hardware. Sometimes a specific version of the operating system and/or specific hardware configuration may crash the app. It is challenging to identify and fix all such software and/or hardware specific bugs. If the app is crashing, please email the log.txt, config.json, device information (such as device model and screen resolution) to the developer (support@sfiles.app) with steps to reproduce the crash if possible.

  • Sometimes the config file (that stores the settings for the app) changes in a newer version. While attempts are made to upgrade the config files automatically, sometimes such process may fail and can crash the app. In such case, user may need to rename the config.json and its versions in the LocalState folder or move them to other locations. Launch the app again and save the settings (Ctrl+S): a new config.json will be created. Users can try to manually import previous settings from the existing config files saved in the first step.

  • Make sure the app was not running when editing and saving the config.json file. If the config.json was edited when the application was running, it will be overridden by the values in the memory when the app is closing or when user chooses to save the settings.

  • If the config.json is edited improperly, the app will fail to read the config.json. In such case, the app will try to read a previous version of config.json. If that fails as well, it will reset the settings. The app attempts to back up config files that it failed to read, and it should be stored in the App folder.

  • There are two potential methods to ease accessing network locations.

    1. Type the location (e.g. “\\share\foldername”) in the address bar and press Enter to navigate to the folder. Such location can be bookmarked (Ctrl + D or right click and click 'Bookmark Current Location').
    2. Map the location as a drive from Windows File Explorer. The path will now show up in the list of drives in Shrestha Files!

  • S Files Pro X is the primium version of the app with frequent updates to add features and fix bugs. S Files Free is offered primarily to users who cannot or do not want to purchase the Pro version. Several features are disabled in the Free version including colorful themes. The Free version also do not receive regular updates. Further, the Free version shows a prompt at the launch, requesting user to consider purchasing the Pro version. Users feedback and purchase of the Pro version helps improving the app further.