S Files Pro X

S Files Pro X offers the convenience of tabs and dual pane with a modern and minimalist interface to supercharge your productivity!


If you are looking for a powerful dual pane file manager with tabs and colorful themes, look no further: S Files Pro X is a here with a modern and highly customizable user interface!

Colorful Themes

Not only light and dark but also red, green, and many more. Also, enjoy hero themes like Super (man) and Wonder (woman).

Icons Themes and Backgrounds

Choose from multiple icon themes including Windows XP. Set custom background images.

Internal Viewers

Built in internal viewers to edit texts, view pictures, play audios, and watch videos.

Tabs and Dual Pane

Enjoy multiple tabs just like web browsers. Select simple single pane mode or more advanced dual pane mode.

Quick Filter and Extended Search

Quickly filter files and folders in the current folder or conduct a deep search with file name, dates range, and size range.

Views of Choice

Choose from grid, tile, simple list, or detailed list view to navigate around.

Multi-Level Bookmarking

Organize Bookmarks in multiple layers (folders) just like you organize files.

Progress Viewer

Monitor the file operation progress with granular detail.

Compress and Decompress

Built in zip and unzip features to make your life easier.

... and many other features such as drag and drop. It remembers open tabs, view types per tab, pane size, and many more to take you to the exact spot where you were before.

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File Explorer on Steroids

Super clean awesome GUI file explorer with of options themes and much more.


United States


I love this, the UI is just so clean and I can't stop looking at it. Great job, I'm going to try to switch over to this as my main file explorer.


United States

Very comfortable buying this

The best files alternative app I've found. (and now you).


United States

Customization Packed and Quick

Iv been using Shrestha for 2 weeks now and I don't think I can go back to my other managers, they just don't have the options this does, its slick and fast and loaded with little options to make copying and pasting honestly enjoyable.



Very good!

I like it a lot!




No Bug, No Crash, No Ad… Very powerfull. I just bought this App for Windows 11. Thanks



Probably the best file explorer

After a few more upgrades it is difficult to find any shortcomings with the program. It clearly deserves 5 stars. It is now my preferred file explorer. Very good work.




The app is one of the best explorer uwp apps in the MS Store!! I love it.

Jose David


easy to use

Shrestha File Pro is easy to use and the functionality is expanding and heading in the right direction. It takes a couple of easy extra steps to connect cloud storage, great once done. It is great having tabs in a file explorer.



5 stars definetely [sic]

Such a beautiful application. And a lot of options. Fernando O. MIT Researcher.



Amazing App!

This is faster than Explorer in Windows 11 and this is very much fast in every aspect ! Im astonished as to how an UWP app achieved this! GG mate.



Best File Manager Available

Awesome app. Awesome customer service. The app had an issue after a recent update. Within a few days the app developer released a patch to fix the issue. Highly recommend.



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