S Files Pro X

Translation Instruction

Follow the instruction below to translate S Files Pro to a language of your choice. Similar steps would be applicable to other UWP or WinAppSDK apps.

  1. Obtain a copy of *.xlf file from the developer. Contact the developer over Discord or via email. If the translater is the first person to translate S Files Pro X in the spcific language, JPT Apps will award a free license to the app. Make sure to request the license after the translation is complete. Translator's name will also be added in About Page of the app to recognize the contribution.
  2. A *.xlf file is used to store original and translated strings. It is a specially formatted XML document which can be edited using a plain text editor such as Notepad or specialized tools such as Microsoft Multililngual App Toolkit.
  3. The screenshot below shows the file in Windows Notepad. Type the translated strings of the values stored source section to their corresponding target section. The screenshot shows the "About" text translated to “Über”. Once the string is translated, make sure to change the target state to “final”.

  4. Screenshot below shows Microsoft Multilingual App Toolkit. The toolkit makes it easier to type the translated strings and their status. Type the translated string in Translation section and update the state to Final for each string.

  5. Send the updated document to the developer.
  6. Enjoy S Files Pro X with the new language!