S Files Pro X

Privacy Policy

We take users' privacy very seriously! We understand the importance of clearly communicating the users' privacy policy.

S Files Pro X does not collect any user identifiable information! Below are the relevant information about the app's permissions and their purposes.

  • Internet Access: S Files Pro X requires access to the internet for the following purposes:

    • App Update: The app checks for an updated version during the app startup. It can be disabled by editing the config.json file.
    • License Check: The app connects to Microsoft Store to check the app purchase status to enable or disable app launch and paid features.
    • Microsoft's WinAppSDK adds telemetry to all packaged apps to collect statistics about the app, such as acquisitions and launches. It also generates dump files when the app crashes, and they are transmitted to a Microsoft Server. The telemetry service also collects non-identifying user data such as the country, device model, and the version of the operating system.
    • Microsoft Visual Studio App Center APIs are used to collect crash information and analytics to understand the errors, crashes, and users' behaviors within the app. For example, the analytics can enable developers to know the most popular colorful theme. It can help developers to understand what led to an app crash. The error logs (but not warning, performance, or info message logs) shown in the Log Viewer are also sent to the App Center.

  • Clipboard Access

    • The app monitors changes in the clipboard to enable or disable paste option in the context menu (right click options) and the app bar.

If users have any further question or concern, please contact us at support@sfiles.app.